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PKT LifeFitness Program

Find out more about PKT LifeFitness from Dato' Michael Tio himself. How it works? What's the benefits? Check out the video!

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Rewarding PKTian with LifeFitness

Enjoy rewards, exclusive benefits and preferential treatment with LifeFitness in One Logistics Hub.

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Manage your LifeFitness account

Update your details, declare your workout hours and check your BMI either you are in Normal or Obese category!

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How LifeFitness works?

Find out how workout hours are accumulated and what you need to do to achieve the ultimate objective, the Platinum card.

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Guidelines: How to apply?

Step-by-step instructions showing you how to apply the LifeFitness membership and what you need to do to gain your rewards.

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Need help or questions about the LifeFitness? Check out the FAQs section to understand more about this program.

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